About My Garage

It started with an idea…

that automotive and powersports enthusiasts shouldn’t be limited to retail stores or their own abilities to bring their ideas to life. I brainstorm with customers to extract their vision to make it something tangible¬†


Fresh out of high school I began working in the mobile electronics industry and kept with it for nearly a decade gaining a broad array of knowledge, accomplishments and certifications along the way. I desired a change and started a new career in the communications field. This was driven by my lust for experience and to add to my quiver of technical skills. Before I could blink twice, years had passed and I could proudly call myself a part of a network empire that had been built. I will continue my legacy as the exclusive fiber optic cable splicer. I’m proud to have built a life that allows me to take on such a venture and help share my passion and creativity with others!

one man show


Jesse Cross